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, the manager of the world champion giants, bruce bochy. [cheers and applause] >> that's right. bruce! okay. now let's meet the players themselves. [cheers and applause] we need to give this guy a big round of applause. unfortunately he couldn't be here because of a family emergency but he had the winning run in game four. give it up for ryan theriot. he saved a perfect game with the greatest catch of the season and he kept doing it all through the post season, left fielder number seven. gregor blank koa. >> he did it with his bat and with his words. the guy sort of got the giants going before game through with cincinnati, hunter pens. [cheers and applause] >> in game four in detroit he knocked in the first run with a triple off the right field wall, first base man number nine. brandon belt. >> a norn california native. he joined the giants later in the year and part of the home stretch. xavier nadel. >> this guy played andlet better he got. he could play almost anywhere and murdered left hand pitching. number 13. joaquin arias. >> a young out fielder who made his debut this year an
work and work with each other. did bruce bochy and these 25 guys quick when they lost the first two games against cincinnati? no. did they accept the inevitable with st. louis? no. they carried on with determination and experts and pundits predicted that this san francisco giants was going to the world series and team work means everyone contributes and we saw those plays and three home runs for pablo sandoval right here in san francisco. [cheers and applause] . buster posey grand slam. [cheers and applause] outside there, yes! we saw the magic of the wonderful catch he did to save the out and jer nee affeldt and come up through the season and crow -- crawford saving the ball and all the pitchers and pitching their hearts out to zito to a felt and in comes romo . [cheers and applause] we needed everybody. we needed every skill. we needed that great team work so today in recognition of their second world series championship in three years i am proud to present the highest honor we have in this city, the key to the city and county of san francisco to the whole team of the san
it is bruce bochy and his coaching staff. [cheers and applause] the last giant manager to win more than one world series was john mcgraw in 1921, but don't let bochy fool you with his seemingly easy going nature. the wheels are always turning with him and we can say there is no finer manager in the game today. [cheers and applause] i want to acknowledge the foundation of the giants organization, our ownership group, 32 strong lead by charles johnson. they stepped up to serve as a stalt walt of this franchise and saved it in 1976 and then brought it to san francisco in the first place in 1958. i am proud each owner during the 55 years in san francisco is represented here today. as a fourth generation san franciscan growing up in the richmond district my heroes did wear orange and black. i watched them with my dad and mays and the other players. they're all here today. i knew their story as well as i knew my own because their stories were mine. they were part of my heritage. my parents passed it down to him just as brandon crawford's parents passed it to him and you're passing it your
, bruce bochy! [ cheering and applause ] >> the tag line, hang it on this club, if we had one, it would be never say die. [ cheering and applause ] >> when key players go down during the season, never say die. we got down 2-0 to the reds, never say die. to st. louis, 3-1, never say die! and that last game against detroit t behind, and they never say die. >> when we struggled during the year, i thought the 42,000 fans, about them on the field. and that give us more courage. in cent to cincinnati, they weren't even close to as loud as you! and that's why we won! [ cheering and applause ] >> you guys got to be proud, you need to be proud, and i tell you this for damn sure, we are all world series champions here wearing orange and black in san francisco. [ cheering and applause ] >> everyone join with me, hands in the air. we're going to slow clap this. [ cheering and applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, the one and only! [ cheering and applause ] ♪ san francisco ♪ ♪ [ cheering and applause ] ♪ the blue and windy sea! ♪ [ cheering and applause ] ♪ i've come home to you -- san
you. >>> coming up at 11:00, big names headline the giants new movie. hear what bruce bochy is saying on the orange carpet about their film. >>> and what this basketball player did last night that left some of the big players in the world awe struck. >>> welcome back. nurses at eight east bay hospitals are on strike for a second day today demanding a new contract with sutter health. nurses and technicians walked off the job yesterday from vallejo to castro valley. at issue, salary increases and sick days and requiring nurses to pay their own health care. >>> palo alto city leaders looking for new ways to help the homeless. the city council is considering a proposal to allow businesses and churches and city lots to allow spaces for people would live in their cars. under the six-month trial program, up to three vehicles allowed in each location. this was pushed into the spotlight after people complained about sanitation issues. >>> we told you earlier in the newscast about the san francisco board of supervisors about the public nudity ban. they approved an ordinance to make the city hom
broadcaster john miller, one by one. the crowd loved it. usually we hear from bruce bochy. this is the team making history and sharing it with the fans. >> i thank you. i thank you for always being there. i thank you for never giving up. i thank you for showing up wherever we've been and thank you for making this one of the greatest moments of my life. thank you. >> we are the world champions. >> the ceremony wrapped up with a big photo shoot with all of the giants players hanging out with their new trophy. but before the players were brought out giants announcers john miller and dave fleming got into the gangham style craze. apparently dave has an involuntary reaction whenever the song comes on and just starts dancing. john miller you can see even got in on it, both showing off their stylish moves. >> the giants motto you might know, 25 guys, one common goal, win today. they sure did. in their wins, many of the recent wins after pregame pep talks by hunter pence. pence shared their pre-game ritual. you know what that is? >> i heard it. slow claps. >> slow clap and it's now trending across
million came in to celebrate the world's victory. the manager bruce bochy brought out the trophy in front of city hall. this is both married lee with a broom deciding more and more fans thank the fans for their unwavering reports. >> we went to st. louis and they were not as lloyd as you and quite frankly, detroit was not even close to as loud as you. that is why i sang that for you and of course the signature song... >> i left my heart in san francisco sister. >>> pitchers and lance cup dashes lance company -- lance kim was there they were all fired up about the world series win and it is just good stuff. >> yeah, i know that guy. >> 49ers joined in and jim harbaugh drove the car and quarterback george smith carried a perfect game north smith, his teamer became the talk on twitter, here is the controversy over his choice in clothes. >>> -- clothing. >>> san francisco police are looking for as many as two blocks away just before 3:00 one man was seriously injured when he was shot in the head. both victims are from union city and it does not appear to be connected to the giants celebratio
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 101 (some duplicates have been removed)